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How can procurement workflows establish efficient collaboration in your organisation?
It always becomes difficult when many people with different interests have to be brought together at one table. It is even more difficult when the participants do not know in which room and at what time the meeting should take place.
Team Collaboration.
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From Request to Purchasing – Experience Report from the SME Sector
How do purchase requisitions actually get to the procurement department? A seemingly simple question that triggers complex discussions and challenges in many companies.
Risk analysis in the Supply Chain Act.
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Risk analysis in the Supply Chain Act: What about my indirect suppliers?
In this article, we will discuss one of the most important due diligence obligations of the Act - Section 5 “The Risk Analysis” - and its relevance for indirect procurement.
Person filling up paperwork.
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Supplier Onboarding
Suppliers are often the backbone of a company, and although supplier onboarding is a tedious process, it’s often crucial. However, most companies spend their energy on strategic suppliers and lack management of the non-strategic or tactical suppliers, including marketing, IT, and services.
Chart displaying a steep upward trend.
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Procurement's Dual Front: Battling Inflation and Navigating Supply Gaps
Inflation has reached a 50-year high, causing concerns about its impact on businesses. Despite the post-pandemic recovery, supply chain challenges and bottlenecks have led to unprecedented inflation levels.
Procurement Software
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Procurement Software for PR creation and approval workflows: FormCycle
In the ever-evolving world of procurement, specialized tools that focus on the purchasing request and workflow process are gaining prominence. Unlike general eProcurement Suites, these tools offer tailored solutions that address the unique complexities of procurement.
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Procurement Consultancies' Role in Introducing eProcurement Suites
In the ever-evolving landscape of modern business, the introduction of eProcurement suites has emerged as a strategic step towards enhancing procurement efficiency and effectiveness.
Approval Workflows: SAP ERP vs E Procurement
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Approval Workflows in Procurement: SAP ERP vs. e-Procurement Suites
In the dynamic world of procurement, the management of approval workflows plays a central role. In this article, we delve into this essential process and compare how SAP ERP systems and e-procurement suites shape this area
Lhotse Intake Flow Overview
Understanding Lhotse
The Lhotse Product - Video

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