Lhotse Forms: Request Products and Services Quickly and Intuitively

by Tara Baurmann30.11.2022

Procurement software has historically been over-complicated delivering an un-intuitive user interface. Creating a purchase request (PR) should be a simple and automatic process but currently thousands of business users have to go through endless back-and-forth communication just to get a simple order out. Complex software necessitating expertise and specialist procurement knowledge: it doesn’t paint a pretty picture.

What this has resulted in is a total disconnect between businesses and their procurement departments. All too often employees in charge of indirect procurement are left dealing with complicated purchase requisitions from which details are difficult to decipher. Or else, the worrisome threats posed by uncontrolled [Maverick Buying] (https://www.lhotse.de/en/blog/5-types-of-maverick-spend) and an exploding supplier base fall to them. Surely PR creation could be made simpler?

Enter: Lhotse Forms!

What are Lhotse Forms?

Lhotse Forms are intuitive intake channels which support and guide users through the purchase request creation process from start to finish. Any business user regardless of specialist procurement expertise can use our software.

We take the hassle out of PR creation by ensuring that every request is made compliantly and in line with your company’s internal procurement policies and guidelines. Lhotse Forms also guarantees zero system breaks and vastly reduces Maverick Buying.

Our software supports full integration with your company’s existing ERP system and eProcurement solution. Answers, for example relating to suppliers, cost centres, or material groups, can be pre-filled out in Lhotse Forms by your ERP MasterData. After the form is completed, it is automatically transported back into your ERP system in the form of a PR ready for approval and further processing.

How do Lhotse Forms work?

Lhotse Forms are fully customisable and achieve autonomous PR and PO creation. During the onboarding process with our customers, we define the organisation’s preferred property mapping to ensure seamless implementation.

See Lhotse Form’s user-friendly interface below:

Due to our no-code drag-and-drop functionality, all forms creating tools are lightning-fast and easy to use. However, our team can either create these forms for you so that the templates are ready to use or guide you through the process.

Lhotse Forms: the Benefits

Intuitive Interface

Our Forms allow you to collaborate with as many business users during the request definition process as you deem fit via an internal chat. The forms themselves are also entirely customisable with user-defined mandatory and optional fields.

Our customers also appreciate Lhotse Forms’ intuitive interface which has resulted in our Net Promoter Score (NPS) exceeding 90.

Faster PR Creation

Because Lhotse Forms guarantee that all requests are standardised, PR and PO creation becomes a much quicker process. Business users spend up to 40% less time in eProcurement systems and up to 70% less time in the request-to-offer process. Purchase requests are also structured to ensure quick purchasing confirmation.

Secure and Compliant

Lhotse Forms ensures full compliance with approval flows adhering completely to internal procurement guidelines and policies. Due to the increased accuracy of Lhotse Forms our business users achieve 90% fewer errors despite little to no procurement team involvement.

All data is also stored securely and compliantly on servers in Germany (AWS) and is encrypted in transit and at rest.


Lhotse Forms is your solution to creating purchase requests (PRs) quickly and compliantly. Automating this process through the use of our user-friendly interface ensures every business user can create a PR at the click of a button. To put it simply: no more email ping pong between departments!

If you wish to find out more about how Lhotse can help you to improve your procurement processes, book a demo with us today!


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