Procurement Software for PR creation and approval workflows: FormCycle

In the ever-evolving world of procurement, specialized tools that focus on the purchasing request and workflow process are gaining prominence. Unlike general eProcurement Suites, these tools offer tailored solutions that address the unique complexities of procurement. They provide a streamlined, user-friendly experience that enhances efficiency, compliance, and transparency. Let's explore two such tools: Formcycle and Lhotse.

Formcycle: A Generic Form Builder for Various Use Cases

Formcycle is a versatile tool designed for creating and managing various forms such as WebApps, registration forms, insurance applications, administrative forms, and more. It's a highly customizable, easy-to-set-up solution that offers features like:

  • Web-based Form Designer: Drag & Drop functionality, responsive design, multilingual support, and validation of inputs.
  • Rechtssichere Erfassung & E-Signatur: Integration with partner products for secure approval processes and signatures.
  • Access Control: Login protection, password protection, edit protection, and data anonymization.
  • Export, Import & Copy: Easy management of forms, including exporting, importing, copying, and versioning.
  • iOS & Android App: Offline data collection for various roles like service technicians, assessors, and sales staff.
  • Workflow Management: Control over how submitted form data is processed, including actions like sending emails, filling PDFs, and writing to databases.

Formcycle's pricing is structured as follows:

  • PUBLIC CLOUD TEST: €0, free of charge, cancel anytime. Includes 5 forms online at the same time, 10 form submissions per day, and a 31-day free trial.
  • PUBLIC CLOUD PRO: From €49 per month (€490 for annual accounting). Includes 5, 10, 25, or 50 forms online at the same time and 10,000 form submissions per day.
  • PRIVATE CLOUD: From €349 per month. Includes 5, 10, 25, or 50 forms online at the same time, support for LDAP/Active Directory, cluster capabilities, individual plugins, and more.

Formcycle's generic nature allows customers to use it for various use cases. However, it's not focused on integrating into existing systems (such as SAP) and processes.

Lhotse: A Form- and Workflow Builder for Procurement Processes

Lhotse takes a specific approach that focuses on the complexities of creating and approving purchasing requests and the problems associated with this (e.g. maverick buying, low PR quality, missed cost savings). Unlike generic form builders, Lhotse integrates into systems such as SAP, enabling the use of existing data like suppliers, cost centres, material groups, etc. Its unique selling points include:

  • Intake: Allows business users to communicate demands to procurement teams using forms coupled with ERP Master Data.
  • Workflows: Connects different third-party applications and facilitates approvals, ultimately sending a purchase order via API integration to the customer's ERP system.
  • Pricing: Transparent and flexible pricing ranging from €600 to €2100 per month, with no hidden costs.

Conclusion: Comparing Formcycle and Lhotse

Both Formcycle and Lhotse offer easy setup, with Formcycle allowing immediate start and Lhotse requiring 5-10 days for integration into existing data. Both are intuitive and come with a no-code form and workflow builder.

Formcycle: Covers broader use cases and offers a highly customizable, generic form builder. May not specifically address Maverick Buying.

Lhotse: Procurement-focused, complementary to existing S2P processes, and integrates seamlessly with systems like SAP. Specifically designed to tackle issues like Maverick Buying.

In conclusion, while Formcycle offers a versatile solution for various needs, Lhotse provides a specialized tool for procurement forms. Choosing between the two depends on the specific requirements and focus of your organization.

Remember, each organization has unique needs, so evaluating your specific requirements is essential before making a decision. Your procurement efficiency is at stake, and choosing the right tool can make a significant impact on your overall operations.

We are happy to help you with this decision. Make an appointment for a private demo with us and we will discuss your specific needs.

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