Moritz Vogt from Funke Mediengruppe

We sat down and talked about the past, present, and future of Funke's procurement, and how the partnership with Lhotse has helped them along the way.

The Story: Lhotse x Funke

The Story: Lhotse x Funke

FUNKE Mediengruppe is known for its passion for journalism and its long experience in the media industry. It has partnered with Lhotse to optimize its procurement processes.

In this webinar, Moritz Vogt, Head of Digitalization and Strategy in Procurement at FUNKE, talks about the challenges the procurement team faced before partnering with Lhotse. Manual work and lack of capacity led to bottlenecks and inefficient processes.

Working with Lhotse brought significant improvements:

  • Time savings of 76%.
  • Up to 3x more supplier quotes
  • Final offers with up to 20% lower prices

Moritz emphasizes that working with a startup like Lhotse was more flexible and innovative. They were able to discuss their ideas directly with the developers and use a user-friendly app that required no training.

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