Easy purchase request creation. With Lhotse.

Maximize the efficiency of your buyers with the power of automation.


Introducing Lhotse Forms!

Business users have long struggled with overly complicated procurement software. What should be a simple PR requires days of back-and-forth with the procurement team and lots of frustration.

Procurement solutions have always required specialist knowledge, which leads to a total disconnect between business and procurement. This has left the indirect procurement teams with the task of creating backward POs, dealing with uncontrolled Maverick Buying and an exploding supplier base.

Introducing Lhotse Forms! We guide users through the request creation process from start to finish. Business users do not require specialist knowledge, as we ensure everything is done compliantly and in line with your company’s procurement policies.

This intuitive form is then automatically translated into your ERP system in the form of PRs, ready for approval and processing.


Smooth requestor experience

Free your procurement team from being directly involved in the creation of every request. Each form is self-explanatory and provides extensive guidance - for an experience loved by all users!

Lhotse Forms are easy to use and require no training or procurement expertise.

Requestor Experience
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Our easy-to-fill-in form ensures that internal procurement protocols and guidelines are being adhered to. Our workflow can easily be adapted to existing procurement company policies.

Lhotse Forms also guarantees zero system breaks and a vast reduction in Maverick Buying.


Integration of Lhotse Forms with your existing SAP system

Lhotse Forms are integrated and linked to your existing ERP systems or eProcurement solutions. Answer options can be pre-filled out by your ERP MasterData (e.g. suppliers, cost centers, material groups).

Lhotse Form’s true value is achieved through the subsequent fully autonomous PR / PO creation. During the onboarding process we define your preferred property mapping for a smooth implementation process.


While using Lhotse, our users can expect:

Faster PO Creation

Our users spend up to 40% less time in eProcurement systems

Increased request accuracy

Less than 90% errors produced with little to no procurement team involvement

Increased Net Promoter Scores

An experience loved by users

Reduced Maverick Spend

Up to 80% less Maverick Spend while using Lhotse