Lhotse supercharges your procurement workflows

An intelligent transition of your procurement execution to autonomous sourcing


Less time spent on defining tedious requests

Take off workload from your requestors and the operative team by using AI-guided request definition options - a procurement experience loved by all business users!


Eliminate manual analysis of requests

Lhotse’s powerful AI identifies the preferred suppliers or matching catalog items for any request. An autonomous supplier and catalog search is the best support for your operative team!


Up to 3x more competitive supplier offers

Collect offers with one click and achieve the best pricing conditions through the in-app sourcing and negotiation feature.


Easy supplier communication

Single source of truth for supplier communication and full transparency for your procurement team. No more email ping pong!


No one knows better what’s in your supplier base than Lhotse

Lhotse brings actionable analytics to your processes. To make sure that you foster relationships with the right suppliers - building preferred supplier relationships and reducing the number of dormant one-off suppliers.

Intelligent data processing


Lhotse integrates into your systems and meets your workflow requirements

Systems integration
Systems Integration
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Single sign on
Single Sign-on
Workflow integration
Workflow Integration

Lhotse is built to work across the procurement maturity spectrum

No indirect procurement unit or system

Lhotse is the first and only Procurement solution you will need. We make sure your processes are at optimum end-to-end, from the start.

PaaS or Shared Services Centers

Lhotse enables your internal capabilities and makes sure you are in control of procurement processes all the way. We enable your Shared Services Centers and eliminate outsourcing.

eCatalogs and framework contracts

Lhotse makes sure that your optimization doesn’t stop with catalogs. Run anything else through Lhotse and be sure that your catalogs and frameworks are leveraged wherever possible.

eProcurement systems

Lhotse complements any modern eProcurement system. Lhotse brings that extra mile of intelligence you’ve been missing in your eProcurement years. We connect all your data points and bring them to life.

The Lhotse Value

Use time more wisely
Use time more wisely

Lhotse automates anything that doesn't require human judgment

Control expenditures
Control expenditures

Lhotse gets the right offers from the best suppliers for optimal conditions

Evaluate your suppliers
Evaluate your suppliers

Lhotse considers the entire option spectrum from supplier base to frameworks

Enable all stakeholders
Enable all stakeholders

Lhotse offers a plug & play solution that easily integrates into existing workflows