The Virtual Procurement Assistant
for SAP Ariba Users

Bring limitless guidance to requestors and procurement, enabled by AI. Without system integrations or change management.

Reduce PR processing time by more than 50%


Enable requestors and procurement to leverage the Lhotse solution

Command K Panel
Suggestions for the best purchasing channels tailored to your needs, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.
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Lhotse Command K Panel
Lhotse Action Center.
Action Center
Elevate your procurement experience with timely alerts delivering proactive insights and actionable intelligence.
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Automated Document Processing
Experience seamless document analysis and execution, Rule Checker & Offer Upload.
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Lhotse Automated Document Processing.
Lhotse Assistant.
Optimizing procurement, personalized support ensures adherence to organizational guidelines, enhancing compliance and informed decision-making.
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Smart Suggestions
Integral to the data entry process, real-time guidance ensures compliant, efficient form completion and accurate categorization.
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Lhotse Smart Suggestions.

High-quality & reliable PR processes
benefit all teams

• Handle 2x more PRs per buyer.
• Bring 100% of spend into SAP Ariba.
• Ensure the highest data quality.
• Enjoy a simplified, pure guide to the procurement experience.
• Stay in known systems and processes.
• Gain transparency on the process and timeline.
IT & Ops
• Maximize user adoption of processes & SAP Ariba.
• Keep IT maintenance effort and complexity at a low level.
• Cut employee training and onboarding.

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