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Lhotse is a combination of intuitive and guided forms and easily configurable workflows. Tailored to the complexity of PR processes, seamlessly integrated into your SAP system.
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45% of created PRs require manual correction


Enable requestors and procurement

Guided intake forms
With an intuitive question-and-answer game, Lhotse guides users to a compliant and structured requisition - no training or system knowledge needed.

With Lhotse's no-code form builder, you can create forms for any type of requests in seconds or just access our template library.
Lhotse Guided Intake Forms,
Masterdata Intelligence
Lhotse uses logic to automatically recognise the correct master data for each user and each request.

This happens in the background so that the user only has to fill in as little as possible and as much as necessary.
Lhotse Masterdata.
AI Copilot for 24/7 support
Lhotse Copilot is an AI-based purchasing assistant that supports requisitioners in creating purchase requisitions and corrects incorrect master data, inaccurate free texts and unrecognised catalogue items in real time.
Lhotse AI Copilot for Ariba.
Catalog APIs
Lhotse has its own interface to Unite Mercateo and Amazon Business. This means that Lhotse can be used as a central gateway for all employees for both catalogue items and free text enquiries.
Lhotse Catalog.
Flexible Workflows
Lhotse automatically integrates all relevant stakeholders - from purchasing to compliance.

Quickly create dynamic approval workflows based on internal regulations and budget requirements without involving IT.
Lhotse Flexible Workflows.
Lhotse leverages your SAP master data via a direct sync (or CSV exports) and integrates with your SAP to automatically create high-quality and complete PR in your SAP system. 

Lhotse integrations.

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