PRs made easy. For everyone.

Let employees communicate purchase requests compliantly without having to onboard them to another tool. From everywhere!
Forms elements from the Lhotse Application

Lean requirements definition.

With an intuitive question-and-answer game, Lhotse guides users to a compliant and structured requisition - in lightening speed.
MS Teams

Start. Simple. Quickly.

Your colleagues should concentrate on their work and not waste unnecessary time in procurement systems. If they need something, they should be able to communicate it and not simply buy en-rogue. At Lhotse, that means getting out of complex ERP and eProcurement solutions and into Lhotse. Snappy process steps to get where you want to go fast. Directly from MS Teams* or in our intuitive app.
Dashboard mockup

Double C: Custom and Compliant

Create custom forms for any material group and make sure, you have the information you need. Include compliance rules through personalized questions and logic.

And make sure everybody requests compliantly, without even noticing.