Uncover and Discover: Lhotse Co-pilot

Actionable Use of Artificial Intelligence in Procurement!
Lhotse Copilot showing the ability to suggest what a supplier needs to give a good quote

Actionable AI

With Lhotse Copilot, we are bringing AI straight to our users' fingertips. We leverage AI to help both requestors as well as procurement teams to be more productive and effective all while ensuring users are in control.
Free Text Requests

'Write' on the money!

Free Text Requests are a constant struggle, especially when external business partners are involved. Products and services need be described and defined clearly. Lhotse Copilot helps everyone involved step up.
Framework Contracts & Agreements

Don't miss a beat.

Lhotse Copilot navigates requestors to framework contracts & framework agreements rapidly and easily. This ensures that no unnecessary requests are being brought up with the procurement teams. Simple and quick.
Cost Centers

Making cents of it all.

Lhotse Copilot helps requestors to find the most suitable cost centers and offers a percentage probability. This drastically reduces incorrect cost center allocation and manual hassle.
Automagically Populate

Read between the lines.

Annoyed by repetitive, obvious form fill outs. With Lhotse Copilot, that becomes a matter of a click. Copilot automagically suggests data points that are relevant and based on historical data points. Elevating everyones procurement experience!
Naming Suggestions

Doesn't byte, just spells.

The phrase goes "Every great book has a title worth remembering". At Lhotse, we believe that goes for requests as well. Everyone should quickly understand what is demanded. Simple. Quick. With Lhotse Copilot.

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