Get true spend visibility

With Lhotse, requesters have no excuse for shopping outside of the process. All requests become visible to procurement early on and can be tracked and analyzed. No more POs without PRs.
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Happy requestors. Happy life.

All procurement processes can be translated quickly and intuitively into dynamic question-answer forms = clean definition of requests. A solution that finally also convinces requesters!

Full transparency over request processes

Central and transparent management of requests. All related documents be viewed. This saves teams time and resources and keeps track of approvals already issued and pending.

Integrated Unite® catalog search

To minimise free-text requests, more than 350 available catalogs can be searched for suitable products. Invoice to PO rates increase drastically.
Lhotse - Get True Spend Visibily.

No-code approval workflows

Procurement teams can effortlessly create approval processes without IT support. The user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop elements enables the creation of a wide variety of approval workflows.

No new tools for procurement

Procurement can continue to work in the eProcurement and/or ERP system, requesters are given an easier, more efficient way to define requirements. A single source of truth for all data.