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With an intuitive design and powerful features, Lhotse unlocks your procurement team's true potential.

Intake-to-Order, with Lhotse

Lhotse is the software solution for maximum requestor guidance and 100% spend under management. Seamlessly integrated into your existing systems.

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What's on your mind?

I can’t control Maverick Spend and our supplier base is exploding.

Achieve maximum requestor guidance now ↗︎

I need to shift my team away from repetitive, manual tasks - towards strategic ones. We are not ahead of the curve.

Automate 90% of your PR/PO processes now ↗︎

I have opaque, non-compliant processes due to low data accessibility and fragmented systems.

Regain process control and transparency ↗︎

Procurement is not easy

Managing the entirety of an organisations spend isn't trivial - stakeholders, processes and systems need to to be in sync. With so many moving parts, it's hard to be on top of things.

Intake Channels

Lhotse brings demand owners and procurement together. Lhotse intake channels make it easy to procure anything with ease and minimal effort, within the right buying channels. Demand owners love it.


Lhotse forms

Use Lhotse Forms to request products and services at lightning speed, in an intuitive and guided process. Lhotse Forms brings the pro in procurement to any demand owner. Absolutely no SAP knowledge required: Lhotse has it covered.

Lhotse forms

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Submit requests at lightning speed

Demand owners can submit purchase requests faster than ever before through Lhotse Forms. Purchase requests are automatically synced and executed in your SAP or ERP system.

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Stay within buying channels, no more Maverick

With Lhotse Forms, demand owners love using your procurement channels and processes. Users have high-quality forms and can request anything with ease and minimal effort. Maverick spend is thing of the past.

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Reduce intake-to-order time

In procurement, time is money! With Lhotse Forms, the intake-to-order time is reduced by up to 70%. Easily track request cycle time and solve bottlenecks immediately.

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Get approvals quickly and transparently

Requests are automatically assigned to the right people and groups for approval. Waiting times are reduced to a minimum through smart notifications and transparent front-to-end status tracking.

MS Teams and Slack integration

Launch a request in the tools you use all day, every day. MS Teams? Slack? Lhotse has you covered! You can take advantage of our guided request experience within your favourite applications - no need to leave your comfort zone!

MS Teams / Slack


Place a request, without the horror

Use our guided process for making requests in MS Teams and Slack. It is faster and easier than ever before to request a product or service. You even get prompts in natural language to complete the request. No more wandering around in rarely-used solutions, filing out fields.


Integrate requisitions into your daily workflow

You no longer need to login to or familiarise yourself with a new user interface. Enjoy making requests in a tool that you have always top of mind!


Track requests at the tip of your fingers

Want to see the status of a request? Simply type a command into our Slack/Microsoft Teams integration. You have all the information you need at the tip of your fingers.

RFQ Automation

Lhotse helps you and your teams move quicker than ever before. Our RFQ automation cuts out the need for repetitive and manual work. Using Lhotse, supplier identification and offer collection happen automatically to give you the freedom to focus on decision making, supplier relationship management and strategic activities.

RFQ Automation


Approach suppliers automatically


Collect offers automatically


Rank suppliers based on historical insights


Trigger right purchasing channel


No more email ping pong


Lhotse was developed to help your team move faster than ever before. Automated RFQ processes cut out the need for tedious manual tasks. By doing this, procurement users have more time for strategic procurement and value-adding tasks.



Give meaning to the endless sea of data

Lhotse gives meaning to your SAP data without you having to be an expert yourself or having to hire one. Lhotse allows you to interpret the data in a clear and easy way without having to read between the lines.


Leverage the most up-to-date search technologies

Lhotse uses a combination of the latest search technologies and machine learning to understand your requests and match them to framework contracts, catalogue items, and internal and external supplier databases. With suggested alternative items or items with synonyms, you will always be shown the most relevant results relating to your search.


Bring all data points together into one place

Rather than endlessly clicking through your data in SAP, Lhotse allows you to see everything all in one place.


Cluster your data professionally

Lhotse creates clusters and relates data in order to give you the best possible outcome when searching. Perhaps there are alternative terms for your search or historical data that is relevant for you.

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