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Fast and intuitive tool to automate recurring RFQs. Make use of simple definition forms, guided supplier selection and comprehensive offer comparison.
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ISO 27001 Logo as Lhotse is ISO27001 compliant!

Leverage benchmarked templates

Use best-in class templates to define your requirements rapidly, efficiently and succinctly. Suppliers will love the depth and breadth of the information that you provide. Definitions will be a breeze with our templates! 

Quick supplier selection

Quickly find your desired suppliers and kickstart automated offer collection with a single click. No complex, slow mechanics. As easy as a Google search.
<2 month
> 3x
Time Savings
Without Lhotse - Definition mayhem
Cumbersome, incorrect definitions via a poor UI without any user guidance. Plenty of wasted, non-value adding time, communication issues, and supplier frustration.
SAP Interface.
With Lhotse - Clear definitions
Streamline the request definition process with our intuitive, intelligent forms that guide requestors to provide accurate information efficiently, while suppliers benefit from comprehensive sourcing requests, minimizing communication overhead."
Lhotse forms help to quickly define a request accurately and correctly, resulting in lower and correct prices.

"It was super simple to define my requirements along a guided form"

Requestor - ScaleUp

without Lhotse - Unintuitive Choice
Unintuitive and clumsy interfaces that confuse users and hinder usage of high-ROI activities.

No guidance for users results in poor supplier selection and missed opportunities.

SAP Interface.
with lhotse - simple supplier selection
Intuitive supplier view that allows users to quickly search for suppliers, select most relevant ones and automate offer collection with one click. No t-codes or training required.

Pre-selected vendors per category and smart vendor recommendation help to find the right supplier for the product or service at hand.
Lhotse Workflow Builder.

"Lhotse saves us up to 90% time per request compared to our old, manual approach"

Buyer- SME

Without Lhotse - cumbersome Visibility
ERP systems are simply not built to allow for simple offer overviews. Complex interfaces and shallow information is the norm.
SAP Interface.
With Lhotse - Effortless transparency
Transparent and sleek offer overview allows for rapid decision making with all the right info. No clutter, no disturbance. Award quickly. Save quicker.
Lhotse Requests Overview.

"Lhotse simplifies offer comparison - no more complex Excel files and endless e-mail exchanges. Through Lhotse, we are finally making much better use of our existing supplier base, receiving substantially more offers per request and gaining direct cash savings."

Head of Procurement - SME

"Simple, effective and money saving. No big hassle or complex tools. Just simple and quick RfQs."


per Event
Min. €1.2k / month
Pro includes:
Pay per request
Simple, standardized forms
Pre-defined suppliers
Simple offer overview
Single Sign-On
Premium Customer Support


Custom Pricing
All the benefits from Pro, and:
Unlimited requests
Automated supplier selection
Automated data updates
ERP Integration
Monthly Reports
Dedicated Customer Support
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