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SAP Interface.
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To guarantee a smooth integration, we have partnered with apsolut, Germany's most prolific SAP implementation partner for procurement. All best practices have been adhered to. Our goal was to create a repetitive yet dynamic integration. With apsolut's Fluid, we found just this and have built on top of it.
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Master Data Sync

To ensure, that all relevant data can be used throughout Lhotse, we sync Master Data from your ERP to Lhotse.
We ensure both 1) an initial data dump and 2) empower you to update data that constantly changes.

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Receive Lhotse Extractor.
Before getting started, we do a final due diligence to ensure that the process is clear and that all systems are known and running. Subsequently, we send you two files which together make up the SAP Transport Request.
Upload data to Lhotse
The SAP Transport Request (i.e. two files) are uploaded to the Windows/Linux Server of your SAP system by the SAP Base team. This is typically very quickly done and standard practice. A transaction (STMS) is run to ensure the coding is available and running
Define required data
The Extractor enables you to define precisely which data points you want to extract and upload to Lhotse. We can assist you to define which data is required and which data you prefer not to share. Rest assured, we take data security and IT security very serious. Feel free to check out our Trust Report (in Footer) to find further information.
Master Data Sync.
Run the extractor. In some cases, permissions might need to be altered to be allowed to do this. Downloaded files are saved in defined folder on the SAP Server. These can be downloaded locally or sent directly to the Lhotse backend.
Master Data Sync.
Downloaded files can be uploaded to Lhotse manually or via API to ensure an automated process. The data can then be used to build forms and workflows, leveraging the magic of Lhotse.

Requisition to ERP

To complete the process, Lhotse automatically pushes the required and correct data to the SAP MM. We can create either a PR or a PO, depending on which process your company follows. The translation between Lhotse and the SAP ERP world is done on apsolut’s Fluid platform (running on SAP BTP) and works out of the box. A secure connectivity is established through the SAP Cloud Connector. We have all the tools and capabilities for a smooth integration.

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about.
How long does a typical implementation with SAP take?
Typically we see implementation phases between one and four weeks dependent on the ERP tech stack of the customer. In rare cases (and very old systems), this can take longer. However, we always have a tech due diligence to ensure that this can be foreseen
How much capacity (IT) do I as a customer need to set aside?
In most cases, we require in total between one and three people days as effort on the customer's side. 90% of the effort and ressources are brought in by Lhotse or our implementation partner .
Does the integration using apsolut Fluid only work with S4?
No. We cater to both SAP S4 as well as SAP ECC.
Do you do the implementation in-house?
We combine our efforts with one of Germany's most prolific SAP implementation partners, Apsolut. This way we can benefit from their years and years of experience as well as knowledge of SAP.

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