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ME51N - A requestors’ nightmare
Though advanced and feature-rich, SAP systems' complexity can hinder users from fully understanding its landscape and processes. The multitude of fields and options without contextual guidance leads to confusion, causing inefficiencies, poor PR quality issues, and ultimately dissatisfaction among both requestors and purchasers.

SAP Interface.
PR’s with Lhotse - Can it be any easier???
Lhotse is the leading procurement experience platform with a unique focus on the needs of the requestors and complexities of the request process itself. With Lhotse, first-time-right requests become the new normal. Via guided forms, users are steered to provide required information effortlessly without training, extensive system knowledge or procurement expertise.
Lhotse Form.

“My colleague created his first request without any introduction within 10 mins”

Requestor - ScaleUp

Workflows in SAP - Approvals? Yes!, Satisfying? No!
Workflows in SAP mainly cover one aspect - approvals. SAP's approval processes offer value, but they're leaving gaps in crucial steps of the request process, such as supplier compliance checks or seamless offer comparison. Additionally, visibility gaps lead to uncertainty in approval statuses, while updating workflows for agility can be challenging.

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More than just approvals
Simplify request processes with Lhotse workflows. Easily configure custom workflows and benefit from multistep simultaneous approvals, real-time alerts, and centralized document management. Seamlessly integrate with existing systems for enhanced efficiency and automation of all aspects of the request process.

Lhotse Workflow Builder.
“No idea where my requests stands and what the next steps are“
Current SAP processes can be dense and technical, posing challenges for non-technical users seeking clear process overviews. This often leads to requestors feeling left in the dark, hence, pestering procurement, while procurement believes requestors underestimate the process and only care about quick results - a lose-lose scenario.
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Effortless transparency
In Lhotse, all stakeholders involved in the request process are always kept up-to-date: Track request statuses in real-time, locate tasks and documents using intuitive search filters, and gain a holistic view of workflow status, pending tasks, and overall progress through the interactive intake overview.

Lhotse Requests Overview.
SAP Implementation - Taming the monster
There are over 21,000 SAP consultants currently employed only in the US. You wonder why? Well… yes, SAP is a globally established company, but to a large part this is also due to the fact that implementing, updating and modifying SAP systems often require multi-year projects and specialized experts.

Go-Live in guaranteed <4 weeks
Integrate Lhotse without SAP Implementation worries. Lhotse as a cloud-based add-on, can be deployed in under 4 weeks with minimal consumption of your internal IT resources, including SAP integration. Additionally, the request process can be easily customized through our user-friendly platform – no coding or technical expertise needed.
Significant costs with limited benefits
SAP user licenses come at a cost, ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per user. Consequently, organizations often limit licenses for requestors, causing inefficiencies and intransparency. Despite the expense, these licenses often yield limited benefits for actual use.
Direct ROI by implementing Lhotse
With Lhotse, customers can minimize the demand for SAP user licenses, while even increasing transparency & control over spend. Lhotse acts as a dedicated platform for requestors and stakeholders involved, while SAP remains the ultimate truth where requests are transferred to.
This comparison doesn't aim to belittle SAP systems or assert arrogance, but rather highlight a crucial aspect often overlooked by existing ERP & E-Procurement solutions that focus on procurement heavy-tasks, payment processes and supply chain, but somewhat neglecting the request process itself.Lhotse uniquely prioritizes requestors, ushering a user-centric procurement era and unlocking untapped savings potential here. We aim to bridge the gap between requestors and procurement, ensuring a seamless, compliant, and transparent purchasing journey.

Why companies like these choose Lhotse?

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Lhotse Intake Flows.

Easy to use

Lhotse facilitates seamless, rapid, and compliant solicitations. Integrated workflows guarantee openness, adherence, and swiftness.
Lhotse Intake Flows.

Create swift and efficient forms

Lhotse employs an intuitive question-and-answer approach to swiftly lead users to a well-structured and compliant requisition, at an astonishing pace.
Lhotse Intake Flow Overview.

Real-time visibility for collaboration

Complete clarity on request statuses, identification of delay contributors, tracking of data modifications, and insight into forthcoming actions.
What customers say about Lhotse
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“No more need to tutorials or teaching. It's simply intuitive”
Requestor - ScaleUp
“My colleague created his first request without any introduction within 10 mins”
Requestor - ScaleUp
“I never want to go back to SAP – I really love Lhotse”
Requestor - SME
“It is a tremendous value that we don’t spend time on educating users”
Purchaser - SME
“With the new Lhotse filters, we can easily track PRs that require action”
Requestor - SME
“Lhotse simply ensures that all entries are standardized and compliant”
Procurement - SME
“Even as an experienced user I needed 30mins with SAP – now only 2mins”
“It is a tremendous value that we don’t spend time on educating users”
Purchaser - SME
“I never want to go back to SAP – I really love Lhotse”
Requestor - SME
“It is a tremendous value that we don’t spend time on educating users”
Purchaser - SME
“It is a tremendous value that we don’t spend time on educating users”
Purchaser - SME

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