With Lhotse, requesters have no excuse for shopping outside of the process. All requests become visible to procurement early on and can be tracked and analyzed. No more POs without PRs.


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Happy Requestors. Happy Life.

All procurement processes can be translated quickly and intuitively into dynamic question-answer forms. Purchasing rules as well as the clean definition of the request are ensured - without the need for hours of exchange between the business department and purchasing. A solution that finally also convinces requesters!

# Prevent Maverick Buying

# Neatly defined requests without intervention effort

# Make compliant purchasing child's play

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Integrated UNITE® catalog search

To minimize free-text requests, more than 800 catalogs are searched for matching products as part of the request definition process in Lhotse. When a matching catalog product is available, requesters can order the desired product directly from Lhotse instead of launching a free-text request. Finally Free of Text.

# Increase catalog quota

# Save purchasing capacities

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Full transparency over request processes

Effective and transparent management of request information and related documents that can be viewed centrally. This saves Procurement Teams time and resources and keeps track of approvals already issued and pending.

# Minimize coordination efforts

# Identify optimization potential

# Every penny under your control

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No-code approval workflows

The Lhotse Approval Builder enables procurement teams to effortlessly create approval processes without IT support. The user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop elements enables the creation of a wide variety of approval workflows with up to unlimited approval levels, ensuring that employees adhere to all compliance rules. Thanks to the intelligent approval logic, all relevant stakeholders are automatically included and informed in the approval process, making the workflow more efficient and eliminating manual tracking.

# From process executor to process manager.

# No dependency on the IT department

# Greater control over spend

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No new tools for purchasing

Purchasing can continue to work in the eProcurement and/or ERP system, requesters are given an easier, more efficient way to define requirements. After all approval steps are completed, the data can be transferred to your root systems and a PR/PO is automatically created. This ensures data consistency across systems and all information is stored in the right places.

# No retraining

# No data loss

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