As part of our workflows, users have the ability to automate their RfQs. Preferred vendors for a specific request are invited automatically and submit their offers directly in Lhotse. Easy offer comparison and relief of strain for operative procurement teams.
What we solve for: Automation
Image that shows the Lhotse process with Intake on the left and Workflows on the right. Several company's logos show how different tools can be integrated.

Automated tendering

As part of our workflows, Lhotse automatically invites suitable suppliers from your supplier database to view the PR information and submit their respective offers. 0% of work for procurement or requester in between PR submission and offer selection.

Empowered negotiation

Through Lhotse’s supplier report, you can easily track how suppliers are bidding compared to others and share those insights with them - leading to more supplier competition and therefore, better bids for your company.

"Simple, effective and money saving. No big hassle or complex tools. Just simple and quick RfQs."

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