Process Compliance

Process compliance with Lhotse allows for actionable, in-process compliance within each purchasing process. A clear overview of all risks, ESG confinements and regulatory considerations is given, right in the procurement process. In doing so, users do not need to leave Lhotse and have all relevant information at their fingertips.
What we solve for: Process Compliance
Image that shows the Lhotse process with Intake on the left and Workflows on the right. Several company's logos show how different tools can be integrated.

Automated Transparency

Having an integrated business partner compliance check in a standard procurement process, guarantees that all information is always at everyone's fingertips. Human errors, laziness or media breaks are history. Decisions can be made real-time where the action happens.

Up-to-Date Information

Users can expect to have up-to-date information from their data providers through API synchronisation. In fact, request for new or further information can be handled straight within Lhotse. No need to worry about outdated information or a lack of information. Focus on the important decision and let Lhotse deliver the data where it is needed.

"With Lhotse we have ensured, that our business partners are vetted and we have that status in our process. Moreover, we can ensure new ones are onboarded per the supply chain act."

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