Request Quality

Bye-bye ME21N - if you ask your requesters, they will know about the struggles of navigating through and creating a PR in a complex ERP system. With Lhotse, requesters have an intuitive question-and-answer tool that allows them to create PRs in under five minutes and it enables you to have high-quality PRs in your system.
What we solve for: Request Quality
Image that shows the Lhotse process with Intake on the left and Workflows on the right. Several company's logos show how different tools can be integrated.

Intuitive PR creation

No more text fields with generic names like “header note”, requesters answer the questions that matter and only those. Lhotse Forms fill in master data automatically so that requesters can focus on what they need, instead of worrying about fulfilling procurement guidelines.

High-quality PRs

Lhotse makes sure, that the PR that is submitted to your ERP system holds all relevant information and requires no rework. How? Requesters enter all information regarding their request and procurement data like cost center, material group, etc. are automatically transmitted based on the inputs of the requesters.

“It is a tremendous value that we don’t spend time on educating users.”

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