Ensuring all processes are transparent for all stakeholders is key to minimising unnecessary, friction-prone communication. Communication should propel your organisation forward. With Lhotse, non-value adding communication and back-and-forth is eliminated and brought into a beautiful UI.
What we solve for: Transparency.
Image that shows the Lhotse process with Intake on the left and Workflows on the right. Several company's logos show how different tools can be integrated.

Simple-as-you-like forms

Intuitive forms ensure that requesters can input all desired and demands frictionless. Information is transcribed and transmitted without hassle throughout the system and to your ERP.

Transparent workflows

With Lhotse, requesters can conveniently track their request’s status. The workflow for IT hardware involves all relevant stakeholders early on: Procurement collects offers. IT gives their Go. Budget approvers sign off on the request. A PR/PO gets created in your ERP. Done.

"IT procurement made transparently and facilitated through all information being in the right place!"

User adoption
Maverick spend

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