The smarter way to manage tactical spend

Lhotse helps you optimize the costs you're not looking at. Lhotse takes the hassle out of indirect spend - being intuitive to use and simple to integrate with existing systems.

Lhotse background
Requests are handled front-to-end, automatically

Requests are handled front-to-end, automatically

Execute purchasing requests front-to-end, using the proprietary Lhotse multi-algorithm request assessment engine. Lhotse gives you the best available sourcing options.

Zero Maverick Spend

Loved by users in procurement and throughout your organization

Tackle the temptation of going around procurement processes by giving requestors the most intuitive experience possible - Lhotse is the first procurement solution that is loved by its users.

Supplier Base Consolidation

Eliminate unwanted fragmentation & overlaps in your supplier base

Use Lhotse to identify and reduce redundancies in your B- and C-parts supplier base - for you to build preferred supplier panels and drive standardization.


Interacts with your existing ERP & eProcurement infrastructure

Add Lhotse as a layer of intelligence that sits on your ERP, SRM and e-procurement infrastructure - making sure that all data stays in sync.

The Lhotse Value

Use time more wisely

Lhotse automates anything that doesn't require human judgment

Control expenditures

Lhotse gets the right offers from the best suppliers for optimal conditions

Evaluate your suppliers
Evaluate your suppliers

Lhotse considers the entire option spectrum from supplier base to frameworks

Enable all stakeholders
Enable all stakeholders

Lhotse offers a plug & play solution that easily integrates into existing workflows

Lhotse is known from...


Manage & automate purchase requisitions

TriengleDefine requirements jointly and in a guided way in one central place

Purchase Requisition Form
Supplier Identify Overview

Identify & assess all relevant suppliers

TriengleIdentify the right existing and new suppliers

TriengleAnalyze supplier capability, performance, and compliance to drive partnerships


Merge all data into your processes

TriengleIntegrate existing data from your ERP & eProcurement systems

TriengleImplement insights and recommendations into your processes

Seamless System Integration
Top Triangle Top Triangle

Lhotse, at 8,516 meters, is the fourth highest mountain on planet Earth.

It sits right next to Mt. Everest – the reason that you have likely never heard of it. Attention is focussed on the highest mountain on Earth – neglecting its smaller sibling, Lhotse. The same holds true for most indirect spend. Across firms of all sizes, focus lies on the 80 % of spend considered to be strategic. The final 20 % are overlooked – remaining largely unoptimised.

At Lhotse, we want to change that.