Optimizing procurement, personalized support ensures adherence to organizational guidelines, enhancing compliance and informed decision-making.

Company Knowledge Center

Personalized Support for Informed Decisions

With the flexibility to access it from any location, users can effortlessly inquire about additional required details or information. Additionally, Lhotse Copilot responds in the user's preferred language, German, English, Spanish, or Italian. We recognize that users may spend valuable time researching and verifying specifications and guidelines manually, which can be tedious and time-consuming.
Lhotse Assistant Company Knowledge

General User Assistant

Tailored expertise for every user's needs.

The assistant is equipped with comprehensive knowledge tailored to each user's needs, including access to past Purchase Requests (PRs) and general user details such as cost center information. By leveraging insights from past PRs and providing relevant user-specific details, our assistant ensures a seamless and efficient experience, empowering users to make informed decisions.
Lhotse Assistant General User Knowledge

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