What we value?

Take action to summit

Every climb brings unexpected challenges that require solutions. We take ownership to drive those as, after all, it’s hands-on mentality and actions that helps us ascend.

Be quick without being reckless

Our climb is persistent and fast. Despite the intensity on the way, we remain pragmatic and flexible to garner opportunities that help us go faster while staying focused on mission success.

Communicate proactively

We share what we perceive and learn along the route. Frequent and clear communication enables us to evaluate and stay on the best path toward customer value.

Climb as a rope team

A great team is the core of each mission. At Lhotse, everyone has a clear responsibility to contribute to our ascent and we rely on one another on the way.

Start every journey at the base camp

We approach every day and project with a learning mindset, individually and as a team. The confidence and support on that growth journey form our Base Camp.

Why we love working at Lhotse?

Team events

From our weekly #LhotseFridays to our quarterly #LhotseDays and company-wide off-sites where we go #Lhaway, we love spending time together!


We turn the metaphorical Lhotse climb into reality. Name your favourite sports: bouldering, boxing, squash - fixed in our calendars just like product release meetings.


We are Berlin-based but truly global in our hearts. We accommodate for each others' individual life style preferences while staying true to the rope team spirit.
Backed by the world’s best founders, CEOs & VCs
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