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General Questions
What is LHOTSE?

LHOTSE is a browser plug-in designed to enhance the user experience of ERP systems, particularly within Ariba Guided Buying, by simplifying processes, reducing errors, and providing AI-driven guidance.

How does LHOTSE integrate with Ariba Guided Buying?

LHOTSE seamlessly integrates with Ariba Guided Buying as a Chromium Extension, running in the browser to provide real-time, AI-driven guidance and support throughout the procurement process.

Is any customization needed to implement LHOTSE?

No customization or setup in the existing system landscape is required. LHOTSE builds on top of the existing Ariba environment, making it easy to implement without changes to the current system.

What browsers are supported by LHOTSE?

LHOTSE supports Chromium-based browsers, specifically Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Features and Benefits
What benefits does LHOTSE offer to the procurement process?

LHOTSE provides real-time guidance, reduces errors, ensures policy compliance, enhances efficiency, and accelerates workflows while maintaining minimal disruption to existing processes.

Can LHOTSE be used optionally by users within an organization?

Yes, LHOTSE is optional for users, allowing flexibility and personal choice without imposing changes on daily workflows.

Can LHOTSE integrate with my organization's AI services?

Yes, LHOTSE offers the flexibility to use either its own AI services or integrate with your organization’s AI services, provided they are compatible with LHOTSE’s functionalities.

Support and Contact
Is there a trial version of LHOTSE available?

Currently, we do not offer a trial version of LHOTSE. However, you can reach out to us with any questions or for a detailed demonstration of our product. Our team is here to provide all the information and support you need.

How do I get support or contact the LHOTSE team?

You can contact us through hello@lhotse.de for any assistance or inquiries.

Additional Information
What ERP systems are compatible with LHOTSE?

LHOTSE is compatible with any ERP system as it operates as a Chromium Extension interacting with the application in the browser window.

How does LHOTSE enhance AI and third-party developments?

LHOTSE allows companies to integrate AI services either through LHOTSE’s own AI capabilities or by integrating with the organization’s AI services, enhancing its functionalities.

Does LHOTSE require additional training for users?

No additional training is required. LHOTSE blends seamlessly into the SAP Ariba environment, making it intuitive for users familiar with Ariba.

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