Command K Panel

Suggestions for the best purchasing channels tailored to your needs, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Channel Guidance

Precise Paths, Streamlined Procurement

Identifying the right channel is essential. When searching, Copilot ensures the delivery of the most accurate results tailored to specific needs, from identifying optimal paths for purchase requests (PRs) to offering guidance on alternative purchasing channels. The goal is to streamline the procurement journey, providing precise and relevant information at every step.
Lhotse Command K Panel

Semantic Search

Navigate Seamlessly with AI-Powered Search

The integrated search feature provides an advanced, intuitive semantic search capability. Users input their requirements, and the AI Assistant, specifically trained to understand and accommodate those needs, suggests the most appropriate purchasing channel. This could include categories or facets within managed catalogues, specialized SAP Ariba forms, or guidance towards Punch-Out or Spot Buy Catalogs. This system is designed to streamline the procurement process, ensuring users can easily find and access the right resources or channels, thereby enhancing efficiency and accuracy in procurement operations.

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